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Short Stories & Poetry

Submissions for the Bigfoot Special Edition are now closed.

We are accepting all short story and poetry horror submissions relating to Bigfoot.

• Fictional short stories
• Poetry
• Myths and legends told through the writer's own words or passed down through the generations
• Non-fictional encounters (must be scary!)

Our "one story/poem published per author/poet in a single issue" rule is suspended for the Bigfoot Special Edition. If you have multiple stories, poems or artwork pieces, all will be considered and could possibly be published.

Submitted pieces do not have to be on Bigfoot alone, they can be about any other species of Bigfoot-type cryptid:

• Bigfoot
• Sasquatch
• Yeti
• Yowie
• Swamp Ape
• Windigo
• Salvaje
• Skunk Ape
• Uluk
• Curinquean
• Maricoxi
• Ucumari
• Almasty
• Alma
• Arulataq
• Chuchunaa
• Frost Giant
• Grendel
• Enkidu
• Yeren
• Hibagon
• Kapre
• Nguoi Rung
• Orang Pendek
• al-Kubara
• Kikomba
• Kakundakari
• Agogure
• Momo
• Grassman
• Fouke Monster
• Knobby
• Honey Island Swamp Monster
• Mongollon Monster
• Skookum
• Booger
• Forest Devil
• Mountain Monster
• Wildman
• Yahoo

Bigfoot Artwork

Accepting all Bigfoot artwork for consideration in the BIGFOOT SPECIAL EDITION!
Must be previously unpublished.
All artwork must be 300 dpi and no less than 1,000 pixels on the long side.


Submission deadline for the Bigfoot Special Edition is:
December 10th, 2015


The Bigfoot Special Edition will be available on Amazon in eBook and Print formats before Christmas 2015.
Projected Release Date: December 15th, 2015


For submission details, please visit our SUBMISSION FAQ page.